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USA Company Dissolution – Closing a USA Company

Need to close your LLC or corporation? We’re here to help. Our experts can take care of the dissolution process from start to finish.

  • Manage your corporate dissolution with the secretary of state.
  • Prepare and file your articles or certificate of dissolution.

Dissolve your LLC or corporation

If your company is no longer operating in its own state, or the state in which you formed your business, dissolving the entity officially ends your business' activities in a state.

It requires obtaining tax clearance from the Department of Revenue and filing Articles of Dissolution with the Department of State.

We at Business Globalizer make dissolving your business painless. We will prepare the necessary documents to obtain the tax clearance for your business, as you end business operations.

How To Close a Business With Us

Business Globalizer completes all these three steps to dissolve a company excellently on your behalf, making an otherwise complicated procedure quick and simple.


With a few clicks we can make sure your documents are prepared and filed correctly.


With our transparent fees, you make one payment and know that the document is right and the right payments are delivered to the right place at the right time.


Closing a business can be stressful. You don’t need to add to the stress by wondering whether your company has filed the right paperwork with the state. Let us take care of it for you.

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Steps to Dissolving Your LLC or Corporation

There are three key steps to dissolving a company. Business Globalizer completes these steps in a timely manner on your behalf, making an otherwise cumbersome process simple and stress-free.

Hold a meeting with the Board of Directors

You need to make sure the shareholders see that votes were taken and that a majority was achieved (as per the paperwork submitted with your incorporation). This written documentation must be signed by all the owners of your company that need to be sent to the shareholders. In limited liability company (LLC) structures, you probably won’t need to complete this step.

File the Articles of Dissolution

The process may vary depending on the state in which the company was formed. Generally, the Articles of Dissolution must be filed with the Secretary of State's office, by the Registered Agent of your company. The AoD must include the name of the company, the date of formation, the reason for dissolution, and in some cases, the names and addresses of the company's directors.

Notify the IRS

You'll be given a “Notice of Withdrawal or Consent or Freedom to Discontinue” that allows you to proceed without further complications. To file your documents of dissolution with your state, you'll also need to file IRS tax clearance forms. We'll help with this, but it absolutely will be your duty to contact the IRS.

How our business dissolution filing service works

You provide basic information, and we do the rest. Business Globalizer will:

  • Ensure your filing is good enough to meet all state requirements. If it does not, we will contact you immediately*
  • Complete your payment process
  • Check off your signature on the pre-prepared dissolution documents.
  • Submit your signed documents to the state – we offer an expediting service, if require.
  • Deliver a digital copy of the state-approved dissolution documents
  • Send your official dissolution documents

  • *Note: The company dissolution may get delayed if the state requires tax clearance.

What are the benefits of filing a Dissolution with us?

Filing a dissolution with Business Globalizer can provide numerous benefits. We make a complicated process simple and straightforward, making it simple and stress-free.

Save Money

Avoid paying unnecessary taxes, annual fees, and penalties by formally dissolving your business with the Secretary of State

End your liability

Even if you've stopped business operations, the state will still consider your business to be liable for certain aspects of the business until you file your dissolution.


We've been helping small business owners create and file their Dissolution paperwork for more than 5 years.

We make it easy

Our filing experts saving you time and added stress during a difficult time by walking you through the entire process

500+ companies have trusted us for company dissolution services!

We're glad to be a part of so many success stories by providing our company dissolution service for non-residents!

Save your time. Let us handle the paperwork.

Need to dissolve your LLC or corporation?

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USA Company Dissolution

A corporation or LLC can be terminated for numerous reasons. It may no longer be profitable, you may have moved on to a new venture, or you may be divesting of its assets.

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Frequently Asked Question

The words "dissolve" and "terminate" are frequently misinterpreted in the corporate world. While both terms allude to the end of a firm, dissolution refers to the actual process and typically involves one or more individuals leaving the entity (or passing away). In contrast, termination denotes the end of all operations, including the sale of all assets.
Dissolution is the finalization of the entity's business before the entity comes to an end. When an entity loses its ability to operate lawfully, it is said to have been terminated. Dissolution is the payment of all debts, liabilities, and obligations the entity owes to its owners and the liquidation and distribution of any remaining assets.

It's a melancholic moment when you have to close your business. Businesses incorporated under legal frameworks like corporations would not be able to end their operations independently. The board of directors would convene a meeting where shareholders could vote on whether to dissolve the company. Now that you have a majority vote to dissolve the company, it is time to finish the filing documentation.
If your company has been incorporated as an LLC or corporation, you must file articles of dissolution. It is essential to pay off the final wages. Inform workers, if feasible, of the day they will get their last salary. It is crucial to submit employment taxes and final federal tax deposits. Any outstanding financial liabilities of the business shall be satisfied.

Formally closing your business involves several steps and is a stressful time. A corporation or LLC cannot be dissolved without the owners' consent. In corporations, the decision must be approved by the shareholders. Members of limited liability companies (LLCs) give their consent.
Shareholders or members of small enterprises are frequently active in daily operations and aware of the situation. The state in which the corporation or LLC was created must receive papers. You must also file Paperwork in those states where the corporation was authorized to conduct business.
You must formally notify the IRS and your state and local taxing authorities of the closure of your business. A checklist for shutting a company is available on the IRS website and links to a different state and municipal laws. It is vital to wind up all legal and contractual affairs.

It cannot be easy to shut down a firm as it is to launch one. You can't merely close down a limited liability corporation (LLC) if it doesn't work out. If you don't want to be slapped with unforeseen costs later, you must make an effort to close the LLC formally. Your state may continue to charge taxes, fees, and late fees to the LLC if you don't dissolve it.
You will also have to continue making payments on current leases and contracts if you don't end them. You'd leave without adequately closing the LLC by following the legal procedure. It can cost money if the LLC is not dissolved. Suppose you have unpaid business debts that you must address. You must close your EIN account with the IRS, file a final tax return, and pay any outstanding payroll taxes. Any assets left over must be divided between you and your partners if you have any.

Sometimes things don't work out the way people expect them to. A business withdrawal or dissolution is a challenging circumstance. The term "dissolved" refers to the end of a business's existence. Corporations can dissolve for several reasons, such as when the owner retires, and no one is available to take over, when the company files for bankruptcy, or simply because the owner wishes to switch careers.
Businesses may undergo administrative dissolution when the state forces the company to go down because it failed to meet one or more of its obligations, such as paying taxes, submitting an annual report, or maintaining other obligations.
When it files a formal withdrawal, a corporation notifies the state that it no longer desires to conduct the business it does in that particular place formally. The company exists in a different setting rather than ceasing to exist altogether.