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    How do I set up an account?

    There are three easy steps to set up an account. They are:

        Select the plan that suits your needs.
        Complete the application form on your own or with the authority’s assistance by calling them.
        Commence payment processing.

    Or Business Globalizer can do the whole process for you.

    What is the difference between an payment gateway and a merchant account? is a payment gateway that facilitates the secure transfer of payment data between the customer, the merchant, and the customer's bank. It acts as a middleman between the customer and the merchant's bank, encrypting and securely transmitting payment information. In other words, it is a service that authorizes credit card transactions and ensures data security.

    On the other hand, a merchant account is a type of bank account that allows a business to accept credit card payments. It is used to receive the funds from the customer's bank once the payment is authorized. Banks or other financial institutions offer merchant accounts and charge fees for processing payments and other services.

    There are more differences between an payment gateway and a merchant account. You can check our blog page to know more.

    What are the pros and cons of is a payment gateway service provider that allows businesses to process online transactions. It has some pros and cons for customers.

    One pro of is that it offers a wide range of features and customization options, which makes it suitable for businesses of different sizes and types. has a user-friendly interface and offers a variety of integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

    One con of is that it charges fees for certain services that other payment gateway providers may offer for free. For example, there are chargebacks, refunds, and batch processing fees. Additionally, its pricing structure can be complex, making it difficult for some businesses to understand precisely what they'll be paying.

    To know more, check our blog page.

    What are the requirements to create an account?

    The requirements to create an account are given below:

        Business/company details/documentation,
        Bank account,
        Tax identification number,
        Verified address,

    Does suspend accounts like PayPal?

    No. is unable to suspend or put accounts on hold. Instead, the recommended action is to close your account and reopen it when necessary.

    How much time does it take to create an account?

    Simply complete a quick form, and you can expect to receive a response from within one business day.

Business Consultation FAQ?

What is a business consultation?

Business consultation means giving tips, opinions, analyses, and recommendations to identify, address and overcome a business.

Who is a business consultant?

A business consultant is a highly skilled professional who assists business owners in their ventures. They have acquired vast knowledge through education and previous work experiences, making them experts in their field.

What does a business consultant do?

A business consultant works with a business owner to provide tips on improving efficiency and operations. They are professional advisors who aid businesses in achieving their goals in various business areas. Common areas include HR, Sales and Marketing, Finance, and IT. The consultant’s job is to improve business performance so that primary goals can be met easily. This process includes helping you identify, address, and overcome any hindrances in the way of your business. Due to this, a consultation can be beneficial for new as well as established companies. Before hiring a consultant, remember that the consultant must have experience with a company like yours.

What is the difference between a business analyst and a business consultant?

There are several key differences between business analysts and consultants. Business analysts typically focus on analyzing an organization's business model and operations, while consultants typically provide advice and recommendations to organizations. Usually, consultants also have more extensive experience than business analysts in a particular industry or field. Business Globalizer has expert analysts and consultants; we can answer your questions.

Why do I need a business consultation?

Ensuring business consultants have experience and success with companies like yours is crucial. Hiring a consultant can help businesses improve performance and make necessary changes to succeed. Additionally, consultants can bring a new direction when organizations become static or reallocate resources to support business expansion. You can also hire consultants to get an unbiased, third-party perspective. When making a crucial choice that will affect the firm's operations or strategy, this can be helpful to leadership.

What kind of problems do business consultants solve?

Business consultants help companies solve a wide range of problems, including but not limited to the following:

      Identify, address, and overcome any hindrances in the way of people’s business.
      Help companies improve their organizational structure and culture to align with their goals and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.
      Provide a different perspective without being emotionally engaged.
      Help companies improve their financial management practices, including budgeting, forecasting, and analysis.
      Help companies develop their product or service and implement effective marketing and sales strategies to increase revenue and market share.

And many other more problem could be solved by a business consultant.

What does a business consultant do for a business?

Depending on the business, consultants are responsible for various tasks. A corporation could employ consultants to give a skill set they still need to get in-house. In a nutshell, consultants offer businesses or people expert opinions, analyses, and recommendations based on their expertise. They act as impartial trouble-shooters and offer solutions to problems to enhance business and company performance. In essence, they are problem solvers. To address particular business difficulties, consultants collaborate with clients' firms. Strategy and technology implementations are two common areas of concentration for consulting projects, which are frequently completed in teams.

What are the key benefits of using business consulting services?

      Improvement of efficiency and productivity,
      Increasing profitability,
      Accessing specialized knowledge and skills,
      Developing long-term strategy,
      Enhanced decision-making.

There are more benefits to using business consulting services. You can check our blog page or contact our agents to know more. They are ready to help you at any moment.

How do I choose a business consultation?

There are a few crucial factors that you must take into consideration when choosing a consultant. A qualified consultant should know the opportunities and problems you face. The consultant you choose should be an excellent problem solver. Any consultant should offer specific information rather than generalizations. Business Globalizer has excellent consultants who can easily fit your expectations.

#What is Business Consultation, and Why do I need a business consultation?

Business consultation means giving tips, opinions, analyses, and recommendations to identify, address and overcome a business. A consultation can be beneficial for new as well as established companies.

People who give consultations are called consultants. A consultant has so much expertise or efficiency in the market. If a businessman wants to grow, establish and overcome his business, then a business consultant can help him in many ways. Such as,

      A consultant can help to grow a business by giving proper guidance.
      A consultant has the expertise needed to create a success blueprint that a business needs.
      A consultant can provide a different perspective without being emotionally engaged.
      A consultant has a board of knowledge of the market. So, he knows how to overcome all obstacles that a business faces.
      A consultant can save a businessman’s time and money by giving suitable or perfect decisions and opinions.

A perfect consultation makes a business successful. And a consultant's goal is to make a businessman’s goals a reality.

Company Dissolution FAQ

What is the difference between company dissolution and liquidation? (Common)

If a company dissolves, its shareholders or owners do not receive any money. But if the company undergoes liquidation, the shareholders or owners can receive some of the company's assets if there are enough left after paying off the debts owed to creditors.

What is corporate dissolution or termination? (Common)

The words "dissolution" and "termination" are frequently misinterpreted in the corporate world. While both terms allude to the end of a firm, dissolution refers to the official ending of an entity that its owner or responsible party could initiate. In contrast, termination denotes the end of all operations, including the sale of all assets. Termination can be occurred by force from the administration.

Dissolution is the finalization of the entity's business before the entity ends. When an entity loses its ability to operate lawfully, it is said to have been terminated. Dissolution is the payment of all debts, liabilities, and obligations the entity owes to its owners and the liquidation and distribution of any remaining assets.

So, how do I close my business? (common)

It's a tragic moment when you have to close your business. Businesses incorporated under legal frameworks like corporations could not end their operations independently. The board of directors would convene a meeting where shareholders could vote on whether to dissolve the company. Now that you have a majority vote to dissolve the company, it is time to finish the filing documentation.

If your company has been incorporated as an LLC or corporation, you must file articles of dissolution. It is essential to pay off the final wages. Inform workers, if feasible, of the day they get their last salary. It is crucial to submit employment taxes and final federal tax deposits. Now, if you are required to dissolve your entity, in that case, Business Globalizer can guide you properly.

What has to be filed with the states to close my business formally? (USA)

Formally closing your business involves several steps. A corporation or LLC cannot be dissolved without the owners' consent. Members of limited liability companies (LLCs) give consent. Shareholders must approve corporations.

Shareholders or members of small enterprises are frequently active in daily operations and aware of the situation. The state in which the corporation or LLC was created must receive papers. You must also file Paperwork in those states where the corporation was authorized to conduct business. You must formally notify the IRS and your state and local taxing authorities of the closure of your business. A checklist for shutting down a company is available on the IRS website and links to different state and municipal laws. It is vital to wind up all legal and contractual affairs. If you feel these would be hassles for you, then you can contact Business Globalizer and submit all your required documents to them to avoid any confusion and complexity which may occur.

What happens if I don’t formally dissolve my business? (Common)

It can be challenging to shut down a firm as it is to launch one. You can't merely close down a limited liability corporation (LLC) if it doesn't work out. If you want to avoid being slapped with unforeseen costs later, you must make an effort to close the LLC formally. Your state may continue to charge the LLC taxes, fees, and late fees if you don't dissolve it.

If you don't end them, you must continue making payments on current leases and contracts. You'd leave without adequately closing the LLC by following the legal procedure. It can cost money if the LLC is not dissolved. Suppose you have unpaid business debts that you must address. You must file a final tax return with IRS and pay any outstanding payroll taxes. Any assets left over must be divided between you and your partners if you have any.

What is the difference between a withdrawal and a dissolution? (common)

Sometimes, things don't work out the way people expect them to. A business withdrawal or dissolution is a challenging circumstance. The term "dissolved" refers to the end of a business's existence. Corporations can dissolve for several reasons, such as when the owner retires and no one is available to take over, when the company files for bankruptcy, or simply because the owner wishes to switch careers.

Businesses may undergo administrative dissolution when the state forces the company to go down because it failed to meet one or more obligations, such as paying taxes, submitting an annual report, or maintaining other requirements. When it files a formal withdrawal, a corporation notifies the state that it no longer desires to conduct its business formally in that particular place. The company exists in a different setting rather than ceasing to exist altogether.

What is the procedure for dissolving a company? (common)

There are a few steps to follow for dissolving a company. They are mentioned below:

      Cast a vote for the dissolution of the business,
      Submit the necessary documents to the state government,
      Inform relevant government agencies,
      Notify creditors and resolve outstanding debts,
      Allocating the remaining assets.

The entire process could be tricky, and there’s a strong chance of everything going wrong. It’s better to consult with an expert agent. Business Globalizer can happily provide you with the help you’ll seek.

How long does it take for a company to be dissolved? (Common)

The processing time for an application to dissolve a company varies depending on the state and region. I:g: To the US, it generally takes up to 20 days to dissolve a company. And to the UK, it takes two days.

What is the personal liability for business debts after the dissolution of a company (LLC)? (USA)

Usually, the personal liability for business debts after the dissolution of an LLC is limited to the extent of the member's investment in the company. This means that members of an LLC are typically only personally responsible for the company's debts or obligations within the amount they have invested in the company.

However, there are some exceptions to this general rule. For example, if a member is personally guaranteed a debt of the LLC, they may be personally liable for that debt even after the dissolution of the company. In addition, if a member was involved in illegal or fraudulent activities on behalf of the company, they may also be held personally liable for the company's debts or obligations.

When should an LLC file for bankruptcy, and when should it file for dissolution? (USA)

If your LLC faces financial difficulties or has a significant amount of business debts, filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a viable solution.

The situations when you should file for dissolution are given below:

      When your company is insolvent and cannot repay its debts,
      When average marginal revenue drops below average variable costs,
      When the business fails,
      When debts relief attempts have Failed,
      When the company has no future,
      When your business has outgrown you, or you have outgrown your business,
      When your industry is shrinking or sinking.

To know in detail, you can check Business Globalizer’s blog page.

My Ltd. company has been dissolved for non-filing accounts. Do I still have to pay VAT? (UK)

If you have any unsolved or pending VATs, you must solve the matter by paying that. Otherwise, you could find yourself in complicated situations.

What is company dissolution? And Why should a company maintain the formal procedure to dissolve itself? (Common)

A company's dissolution is officially and formally closing the business. It is needed when a company is no longer operating in its own state or it proves itself as a non-profitable project. Dissolution also means the payout of all liabilities and distribution of remaining assets. A company must go through these steps to close or dissolve its entity.

The company should hold a meeting with a board of directors. It needs to ensure the shareholders see that votes were taken and that a majority was achieved. It should be a written document signed by all company owners that must be sent to the shareholders.
But in an LLC structure probably won’t need to follow this step.

File the articles of Dissolution mentioning the reason for closing the entity. This article must include the name of the company, the formation date, and in some cases, the names and addresses of company owners. This article must be filed with the secretary of state office by a company's registered agent.

The state may charge taxes and late fees if a company does not close or dissolve with formality. On the other hand, it will have to continue making payments on current leases and contacts if it doesn’t end them. So, in that case, formality plays a significant role.


What is an EIN?

Employer Identification Number, also called EIN, is a unique identification number for businesses. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues it. Your EIN may also be identified as Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN. Companies need EIN to obtain business permits and licenses, set up bank accounts, apply for loans and credit cards. EIN helps to identify your business as a separate entity from yourself.

Who needs an EIN?

Every US Company requires an EIN to operate smoothly. For more…. The IRS uses EIN to identify your business for keeping tabs and tax purposes. It gives your business a unique identity to remove redundancy and easily differentiate enterprises. Any company with the following scenarios must have an EIN:

      If it has employees.
      If a business classifies as a C-Corp, LLC, S-Corp, or partnership.
      If it has a Keogh plan, a tax-deferred pension plan for small businesses and the self-employed.
      If a company applies for excise or employment taxes.
      If the firm handles estates, trusts, real estate investments, employee plans, non-profit organizations, or farmers’ cooperatives.
      If the business files for alcohol, tobacco, or firearm tax returns.

One might also need an EIN to open a bank account or apply for a business loan.

Can I get an EIN online?

Yes. The online application for an Employer Identification Number is available for principal businesses in the United States or U.S. Territories. The process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. However, the person applying online must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN). But as a non-resident business entity, you can get an EIN through Business Globalizer within 10-12 working days generally.

When should I file an EIN application?

Although it entirely depends on you when you apply for your employer identification number, the sooner – the better. Also, no time of the year is best to file an EIN application. However, remember the time it will take time to process and get your EIN. Before applying for an EIN, you can wait till you register your business for an LLC, corporation, or business partnership. Further, you don’t need to wait until your company gets incorporated to apply for EIN online or in person. You can either integrate your business and then file for EIN or get the EIN before incorporating the company. Either way is acceptable.

What is the procedure to get an EIN?

As a non-resident, you must have a company to get an EIN. An expert business consultant will do other procedures. And the Business Globalizer is always here to help.

What are the benefits of an EIN?

The benefits of an EIN are-

      Separate tax identity: An EIN separates a business from its owner for tax purposes.
      Hiring employees: An EIN is required to hire employees and pay payroll taxes.
      Opening a business bank account: An EIN is often required to open a business bank account.
      Applying for business loans: An EIN may be required for business loans or other types of financing.
      Filing taxes: An EIN is necessary to file business tax returns.

What documents are needed for an EIN?

No specific documents are required to obtain an EIN. The process can be completed online or by mail using the SS-4 Form, which requires basic information about the business and its owner.

How much time does it take to get EIN?

EIN is issued by IRS based on their delivery time frame ,it may take 10-15 working days once the SS-4 form is received.

Do I need an EIN for each of my businesses, or is one EIN enough for all the businesses?

Each business must get a separate & unique EIN. The same EIN can not be used for multiple companies.

Can I file my taxes with EIN?

Yes. You must have an EIN to file your taxes with the IRS.

What is an ITIN?

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or an ITIN is a 9-digit number issued by the IRS for people who are not eligible for Social Security Number or an SSN but need to comply with U.S. tax liabilities. It is required to report and pay taxes to the U.S. Federal government.

Can I get an ITIN as a non-resident?

Yes. The IRS issues ITINs to individuals who need to file a federal tax return but don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN). They are issued ITINs, regardless of immigration status, as long as the individual has a valid tax-filing requirement.

Who needs an ITIN?

People ineligible for Social Security Number or an SSN but required to file U.S. taxes and many more must obtain an ITIN.

Who qualifies for an ITIN?

People who are ineligible for Social Security Number

How can I have an ITIN? Or, How do I apply for an ITIN?

For an ITIN, Form W-7 is used. The form must be submitted along with supporting documentation to prove the applicant's identity and foreign status. An IRS-certified Acceptance Agent or Certifying Acceptance Agent must process this procedure. We are a listed CAA of the IRS. You can check here;

Is it possible to get an ITIN online?

No. But you can obtain an ITIN with the help of a CAA through online.

Can I apply for an ITIN without filing taxes?

Yes, you can apply for an ITIN without filing taxes.

What is the procedure to get an ITIN?-Need to be merged with 5

To obtain an ITIN from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you must complete Form W-7 and submit it along with supporting documents. Supporting documents may include your passport, immigrant visa, military card, or other government-issued ID. The procedure must be processed through an IRS-authorized Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA).

What documents are needed to obtain an ITIN?

The documents which will be required are based on the classification according to W-7 Form; it varies from category to category. Supporting documents may include one’s passport or other government-issued ID.

How long does it take to get an ITIN?

People who apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and have a complete application can generally expect to receive their ITIN between 12 to 16 weeks. Exceptions may occur.-link

What are the uses of an ITIN?

ITIN has various uses. Those are-

      Filing federal tax returns,
      Opening a bank and Payment gateway account (PayPal),
      Getting a business loan,
      Receiving particular government benefits,
      Conducting other transactions with the IRS that requires a tax ID number,
      Obtaining a mortgage.-link

What are the benefits of an ITIN?

There are some benefits of an ITIN. Take a look below-

      Claiming tax credits,
      Access to government services,
      Claiming tax refund (if applicable),
      Getting advantage of Legal employment, etc.

What are the differences between an SSN and an ITIN?

      Eligibility: SSN is only available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, while ITIN is available to non-resident and resident aliens who must comply with U.S. taxation compliances.
      Purpose: SSN enables govt and private services, while ITIN is specifically for tax-related obligations.

To know more, visit our blog page.

When should I apply for an ITIN?

You should apply for an ITIN when you need a tax identification number for complying with US taxation compliances and a payment gateway account like PayPal.

Why is getting an ITIN so expensive?

To get an ITIN, you must complete IRS Form W-7 and other details, which is a complex and time-consuming process. Besides,You need to verify yourself via a CAA. That’s why getting an ITIN is so expensive.

Does an ITIN allow me to work in the USA?

No, an ITIN doesn’t permit one to work in the USA.

Can I renew an expired ITIN?

Yes. You can renew an expired ITIN by submitting the appropriate W-7 form with the necessary supporting documents.We are here to help you.

I don’t have ITIN. Do I need to pay taxes?

If you have a US business, you must pay taxes. And if you don’t have an ITIN, you can pay taxes by EIN. But it’s better to get an ITIN.

Business Bank USA FAQ

As a non-resident, can I open a business bank account in the USA?

Yes, you can. But first, you need to form a company in the USA. This is the basic requirement for a non-resident. Business globalizer offers from company formation to open a bank account.

How can I open a business bank account in the USA without going to the USA?

To open a business bank account in the USA, you must have a company first. Then few requirements, such as Scan copy of the Passport, Bank statements (local bank), Company documents, EIN, USA number, and Complete Website. Then take experts’ help to go ahead with the procedure. If you want, we can help you with that. We have just the packages or single service offers for you.

Is number of US business bank accounts limited for non-residents ?

Yes. US business bank accounts for non-residents are limited.

Can I open a US business bank account to receive payments from outside the US?

Yes. You can open a US business bank account to receive payments from outside the US.

What kind of documents are required to open a business bank account in the US?-Document Order

The required documents are:

      Scan copy of Passport,
      Bank statements (local bank)
      Company documents
      USA number
      Complete Website

Which US bank has the best online banking site for businesses?

There are multiple Business Banks offering accounts for international business/Global entrepreneurs. Selection of your bank account depends on business category, website compliances, etc.

How much deposit do I need when opening a business bank account in the US for a start-up?

The deposit amount varies from bank to bank. It could be as low as zero.

How much time does it take to open a business bank account in the USA?

It takes a minimum of 3-8 business days generally to open a business bank account in the USA.

In which bank should I open an account? Which one do you prefer?

Based on your business model, Our expert will decide which bank suits you best

High-Risk Merchant FAQ

What is a high-risk merchant account?

A high-risk merchant account supports categorized high-risk businesses. Various factors can contribute to this classification, such as model & volume of the business, ticket size, transaction velocity, and being a new merchant with no prior payment processing history or operating in a high-risk industry known for fraud, such as those selling controversial products. As a result of this elevated risk level, high-risk merchant accounts are subject to higher processing fees to account for potential losses. Though a high-risk merchant account supports high-risk businesses, it may get suspended or restricted if your business doesn’t align with their policy.

Which banks provide high-risk merchant accounts?

Directly providing high-risk merchant accounts would put banks at both financial risk and risk to their reputation, which is something that Tier 1 banks would avoid. Consequently, no banks can only provide high-risk merchant accounts. That’s why most traditional banks avoid providing high-risk merchant accounts because of the increased risk of chargebacks and fraud. To obtain a high-risk merchant account, you must consider alternative options such as payment service providers or ISOs with partnerships with Tier 1 or Tier 2 banks. Several specialized payment processors and merchant account providers cater specifically to high-risk businesses. Here are some examples of banks and financial institutions that provide high-risk merchant accounts:

      Durango Merchant Services
      Payline Data

What is a high-risk merchant?

A business more likely to experience chargebacks, fraud, or financial failure is high-risk. A merchant who does high-risk business is called a high-risk merchant. A high-risk merchant is considered high-risk is assessed by a processor or bank to pose a more significant potential for chargebacks and fraud. This determination can arise from the merchant's operations within a high-risk industry, the sale of products or services that often result in chargebacks, or a history of fraudulent transactions.

What is high-risk payment processing?

High-risk payment processing refers to the payment processing of businesses or industries with a high risk associated with their transactions. These businesses typically fall into industries with a higher likelihood of fraud, chargebacks, or legal issues.

How do I get a high-risk merchant account?

To obtain a high-risk merchant account, you must have the following:

      Must be a US resident,
      Owning a company,
      And some other vital requirements.

How do merchants identify "high-risk" accounts?

Merchants who handle a large number of transactions or have a high average transaction value may be classified as high-risk. If a merchant processes payments exceeding $20,000 per month or have an average transaction value of $500 or more, they may be considered high-risk, including those who accept international payments.

What are the documents required to have a high-risk merchant account?

The documents required to have a high-risk merchant account are given below:

      our Personal Address,
      Business Address,
      Bank statements (minimum 3 months)
      US Phone Numbers,
      Email Address,
      Tax Identification Number,
      Your US driving license.

Business Globalizer is a high-risk merchant account provider. We can help you with the entire procedure of getting a high-risk merchant account.

What are the significant reasons to go for a High-Risk Merchant account?

The significant reasons to go for a High-Risk Merchant account are:

      Prospects for sustainable expansion in the future.
      Augmented revenue streams.
      Accommodation of diverse currencies.
      Robust defense against chargebacks.
      Emergency reserve fund for unexpected chargebacks.
      Ability to handle credit card transactions despite poor credit or financial obstacles.

Which payment gateway accepts a high-risk business?

Payment gateways that accept high-risk businesses are typically called high-risk payment gateways. Several payment gateways specialize in high-risk businesses and are willing to accept them. Some of them are given below:,

What makes an online business high-risk?

An online business may be considered high-risk if it is perceived to have a higher likelihood of chargebacks, fraud, or other financial risks than a typical business. Various factors can contribute to this classification, such as model & volume of the business, ticket size, transaction velocity, and being a new merchant with no prior payment processing history or operating in a high-risk industry known for fraud, such as those selling controversial products.

What kind of businesses are counted as high-risk businesses?

High-risk businesses are more prone to fraudulent activities, chargebacks, and legal or regulatory issues. The following are counted as high-risk businesses:

      Financial services
      Travel and hospitality
      SMM or Social Media Management
      Tech support

Lease Agreement FAQ

Can I write my own lease agreement?

A lease agreement is a deal between a landlord and a tenant. It permits the tenant to rent the property. Keeping this in mind, writing your own lease agreement is possible if your landlord is trustworthy. But there are many rules to adhere to. You have to ensure that the lease does not hold any illegal clauses. The agreement must also state that the rest is still in effect if any condition is illegal. Once you have written your lease, it is advised to get it checked by an expert. They will be able to find any illegal or unenforceable condition stated that could lead to legal issues.

Does a lease agreement necessary?

Living on a rented property without a written rental agreement is possible. You could have a verbal agreement with the owner. But to comply with the law, it is essential to have a legal agreement. This is a safe option as it will avoid any legal disputes in the future. Having a legal agreement gives the lessor and lessee a document with crucial details to follow. It will include business details like rent and how long the lessee can stay. Also, with a lease agreement, you will have proof of residence, which is required in various documents.

Can a lease agreement be verbal?

Yes, you can have a verbal lease agreement. These are legal in states like California and Florida, but there should be a way to prove that there is an oral agreement. Only then is it valid? In some situations, a verbal agreement would be invalid; one party has mental incapacity, is under eighteen, or is the offer illegal. But in terms of safety, it is less safe than a written one. Having a written agreement is the only way you can avoid disputes.

How long should you keep lease agreements?

A lease agreement must be kept for a minimum of six to seven years after one has vacated the property. The reason is that disputes with tenants or the IRS can occur many years after a lease ends. It is always best to be prepared. If the IRS suspects you have not correctly reported your income, they can challenge your tax returns. Also, a tenant from the past could file a lawsuit for violating the lease. In these cases, having proof of the lease agreement will be essential in court. When discarding old agreements, always shred them so no one can access your financial information.

Is the lease agreement cancellable?

Termination of a lease can occur through its conditions, expiry, or non-performance, often following a legal procedure. If your lease doesn't mention early termination, it's still possible for you and your landlord to mutually agree to cancel the agreement at any time, regardless of the reason.

What should be included in a lease agreement?

In a lease agreement, the following should be included:

      Tenant names,
      Occupancy limits,
      Tenancy duration,
      Rent amount,
      Deposits and fees,
      Maintenance and repairs,
      Rental property access,
      Prohibitions on illegal activities by tenants,
      Pet Policy,
      Additional restrictions.

How much does a lease agreement cost in the USA?

Generally, it costs $400 to $650. It varies from state to state.

Should I have an attorney go over my retail lease agreement?

It's recommended to have a lawyer examine a commercial lease when considering renting a commercial space. Despite being told that "standard" leases apply to large commercial spaces, potential tenants hold significant bargaining power and can negotiate modifications.

Who pays tax in a lease agreement?

In a lease agreement, the person who pays the tax depends on the type of tax referred to. Generally, the tenant or lessee is responsible for paying property taxes, while the landlord or lessor is responsible for paying income taxes on the rental income received from the property. However, this can vary depending on the lease agreement terms and the specific tax laws in the relevant jurisdiction.

What should I ask for in a commercial lease?

There are a few things you should ask for in a commercial lease. They are:

      Rent amount and payment schedule
      Length of lease and renewal options
      Security deposit and conditions for its return
      Permitted uses of the property and any restrictions
      Maintenance and repair responsibilities for the tenant and landlord
      Assignment and subleasing rights
      Insurance requirements for the tenant and landlord
      Termination clauses and penalties
      Rights to modify the property and make improvements
      Dispute resolution process

How do I create a lease agreement?

To create a lease agreement, you should:

      Include the names of the landlord and tenants, the rental property's address, and the lease start and end dates.
      Specify the amount of rent, when it's due, and any late fees or penalties.
      Describe the security deposit and any pet deposits or fees.
      Outline the responsibilities of both the landlord and tenants regarding maintenance and repairs.
      Include any rules and restrictions, such as smoking or noise restrictions, and the consequences for breaking them.
      Include address renewal and termination procedures.
      Have all parties sign and date the lease agreement.

You should consult with an attorney or use a reputable online legal service to ensure your lease agreement complies with all applicable laws and regulations in your area.


What is the NMI?

NMI or Network Merchants, Inc., is a leading payment facilitation platform that handles over $180 billion in payments annually. nmi facilitates payments for a vast network of over 3,200 partners and more than 260,000 merchants worldwide. It spans the entire spectrum of commerce channels, including online, in-app, mobile, in-store, unattended, and beyond.

How does nmi work?

The nmi payment gateways offer an easy way for high-risk industries to process and collect payments quickly. This e-commerce tool acts as a virtual terminal and is commonly used for transactions where the card is not physically present. The nmi payment gateway ensures smooth payment processing with swift approval and denial procedures.

What online payment services support the nmi payment gateway?

The following payment services support nmi payment gateway:

What is the difference between and nmi payment gateways? provides a limited level of customization with its payment pages, while NMI allows for a greater level of customization, including the ability to fully white-label the payment pages. This can be particularly important for businesses that want to maintain a consistent brand image throughout the checkout process.

How many currencies can I receive with nmi?

The number of currencies you can receive with NMI depends on the specific payment methods and integrations that you choose to enable on your account.

How can I withdraw money from nmi?

If you are a merchant and want to withdraw funds from your nmi account, you can follow these steps:

      Log in to your nmi account using your username and password.
      Click on the "Reports" tab in the top navigation bar.
      Select "Transaction Report" from the dropdown menu.
      Select the date range for the transactions you want to withdraw funds from.
      Click on the "Export" button to download a CSV file of the transactions.
      Review the transactions and determine the total amount of funds you want to withdraw.
      Contact nmi's customer support team to request a withdrawal of funds.
      Provide the customer support team with the total amount you want to withdraw and your preferred payment method.
      Follow any additional instructions the customer support team provides to complete the withdrawal process.

The withdrawal steps from nmi may vary depending on your account settings and preferences. If you have any questions or issues with the withdrawal process, contact nmi's customer support team for assistance.

What are the procedures for creating a nmi account?

It’s wise to note that you can’t open or create an NMI account alone. You must do that through authorized resellers and payment processors. And you must go for a merchant NMI account. You can find a list of NMI's authorized resellers and payment processors on their website and contact them to get your account.

Business Globalizer provides NMI merchant accounts. We are NMI’s authorized reseller who can expertly handle the required procedures. Feel free to contact us.

What are the requirements for opening a nmi account?

Requirements are:

      US company,
      Bank account,
      US phone number,
      US address

Business Globalizer can create an NMI merchant account with all the necessary documents. We are here to help with our fantastic pricing offers.

PayPal FAQ

What is a business PayPal account?

A business PayPal account is for organizations operating a business or commercial activity. The account allows businesses to send, receive, and process payments, manage and track sales, and perform other financial transactions online. Business PayPal accounts provide additional features such as invoicing, recurring payments, and the ability to process multiple currencies.

Can I send money from my Business Paypal account to my personal PayPal account?

Yes, you can. With your PayPal business account, send payments to other personal PayPal accounts.

But continuously doing so can result in your account restriction. We recommend not sending payments, from business PayPal to personal ones.

Should I get a personal or business PayPal account?

A Personal PayPal account is suitable for people who use PayPal for personal transactions such as sending money to friends and family, paying for something, or shopping online. Personal accounts have basic features and limitations. A Business PayPal account is designed for merchants and businesses to accept payments from customers and clients. Business accounts have more advanced features, including processing and managing large transactions, issuing invoices, and adding multiple users. Business accounts may also have higher limits.

The choice between a Personal and Business PayPal account depends on your requirements.

How can I receive payments through a business PayPal account?

To receive payments through a business PayPal account, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

      Add payment buttons to your website: You can create and add payment buttons to your website to allow customers to pay you through PayPal.
      Provide your PayPal email: Share your PayPal email address with your customers so they can send payments directly to your account.
      Create Invoicing: You can also create invoices and send them to your customers to request payment directly from your PayPal account.

Can I link my bank account to my business PayPal account?

Yes, it’s doable. Instant linking of your bank account is possible by providing your bank login information. The PayPal authority will verify the information with your bank and ensure the details are correct and confirmation is given promptly.

But if you face any complexities, it’s okay. Our agents can happily help you with the entire process. We are here for you.

How much money can I send to a non-business PayPal account?

For a verified PayPal account, there is no limit on the amount of money that can be sent. However, while you can send up to 60,000.00 USD in one transaction, there may be a restriction of 10,000.00 USD. The limit may also differ based on the currency.

On the other hand, if your PayPal account is unverified, there will be a limit to the amount you can send, which you can view in the option of sending money. The amount may differ from user to user.

How do I create a PayPal business account?

To create a PayPal Business account, click the "Sign Up" button. If you're not already on PayPal, entering your name, password, and email is all it takes to get started. After verifying your identity through a confirmation email, you can start getting paid immediately by choosing your preferred payment method.

Though the entire procedure sounds easy, it could be complicated. And doing the process wrongly, there’s a strong possibility of your account getting restricted. For your sake, we suggest taking expert help in that case.

What are the differences between personal and business PayPal accounts?

Personal PayPal is intended for people to use for personal transactions, such as buying or selling goods and services, and sending or receiving money from friends and family.

Business PayPal is intended for businesses to use for commercial transactions, such as accepting payments for products or services. Business PayPal accounts have access to additional features; sending invoices, adding multiple users, and accessing transaction reporting.

The main difference between Personal and Business PayPal is the intended use and the available features

Can I use EIN to verify my USA business PayPal account?

Yes. You can use your EIN, Certificate of Formation, or Articles of Incorporation as proof of your business to verify your PayPal account. Along with those documents, you must have your ITIN number to operate your PayPal account properly.

What is the maximum amount I can receive with my business PayPal account?

There is no exact limitation from PayPal. But the transaction amounts should not be changed drastically.

Can I have multiple business PayPal accounts?

It is possible to have multiple business PayPal accounts, but each must be registered with a different email address.

How can I get a 100% verified business PayPal account in Bangladesh?

You can acquire a verified business PayPal account by forming a business entity where PayPal is supported.

Business Globalizer has been successfully providing the service for almost a decade.

How do I upgrade my personal PayPal account to a business one?

To upgrade your personal PayPal to your Business one, follow the steps:

      Log in to your personal PayPal account,
      Click on the "Settings" gear icon in the top right corner of the page,
      Click on "Upgrade your account" under "Accounts,"
      Complete the process,
      Click on "Agree and Link,"

That’s all.

What should be my concern when creating a Business Paypal account?

      Providing accurate information,
      Having the required documents (Certificate of Incorporation/Article of organization, Photo ID, Business proof),
      Creating the account from the same Geo-Location, where your business is formed.

These should be your primary concern while creating a Business PayPal account.

Can I create a Business PayPal account without a registered business?

No. You can not create a Business PayPal account without a registered business. Some exceptions may occur.

To know more, you can contact our experts anytime.

How can I create a business PayPal account?

To create a business PayPal account, you can follow the steps given below:

      Go to the PayPal website and click on "Sign Up."
      Select the "Business" account type.
      Fill in the required information, including your business name, address, and contact information.
      Choose your business type and select the currency you wish to use for transactions.
      Verify your email address and phone number.
      Set up your account security, such as a secure password and security questions.
      Link a funding source, such as a bank account or credit card.
      Review and agree to PayPal's legal agreements and privacy policy.
      Complete the setup process by following any additional instructions provided by PayPal.

Once the setup process is complete, you can use your PayPal business account for payments and money transfers.

Can I have one PayPal account for multiple businesses?

Yes, you can have one PayPal account for multiple businesses. But there’s a potential risk of getting your account restricted.

What documents are required to open a business account on PayPal?

      Company documents
      Bank account
      IP Address
      Number (US/UK)
      SSN/ITIN (only for the US)

What are the benefits of having a PayPal business account?

There are various benefits of having a PayPal business account. Some are given below:

      Ability to accept payments online and in person,
      Increased transaction limits,
      Access to payment reporting and reconciliation tools,
      Access to fraud protection and 24/7 security monitoring,
      Ability to customize checkout pages with company logo and information,
      Option to upgrade to PayPal Payments Pro for additional features, such as a virtual terminal and recurring payments.

How long does it take to create a Business PayPal account?

Usually, you can sign up for a Business PayPal account within 10-15 minutes.

Stripe FAQ

What is a stripe account?

Stripe offers payment processing services for merchants to accept credit/debit cards and other forms of payment such as bank transfers, invoicing, etc. It is particularly suitable for online businesses as its features are optimized for e-commerce sales.

How can I connect stripe with my bank account?

To add your bank account to your Stripe Dashboard, follow these steps:

      Go to the "Balance" tab on the left-hand side of your Stripe Dashboard, then select the "Settings" tab.
      Click on the "Add Bank Account" button.
      Enter your bank account information.

Can I create a Stripe account without an SSN?

Yes, you can.

Does a Business stripe account require a registered company?

Yes. You can not create a Business stripe account without a registered business. Some exceptions may occur. To know more, you can contact our experts anytime.

How do I transfer an amount from Stripe to a bank?

Funds from Stripe will be released and function automatically unless you set it manually.

What do I need to open a stripe account?

To open a stripe account, you will need the following:

      Company documents
      Bank account
      Number (US/UK)
      Bank Statement

With all those documents, an expert can help you to open a Stripe account. We are offering Stripe accounts with both single and company formation packages. Please check our services or contact our agents.

How do I get a Stripe account as a foreigner from a non-supported country?

First, you must form a company to get a Stripe account as a foreigner. Then get a US or EU bank account and apply for a Stripe account through that bank account. Here, in Business Globalizer, we offer three excellent packages for all those.

How secure is Stripe?

Stripe is considered a secure payment platform for processing online transactions. They comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and employ various security measures to protect sensitive customer information, such as secure encryption, fraud detection systems, and regular security audits. However, as with any system that handles sensitive financial information, there is always a risk of security breaches. To further protect themselves, users of Stripe are advised to follow best practices for internet security and account protection.

How do I verify a Stripe account?

To verify your account, please complete the verification form. Log in to your Stripe account at using your credentials. If the account ownership verification process is necessary, you will receive a prompt to begin. Provide as much information as you can accurately. For further guidance, refer to the tips provided. Once you have finished filling out the form, submit it. The Stripe team will contact you via the email address on file within 1 to 3 business days.

Can I have 2 Stripe accounts?

You can establish different Stripe accounts linked to your email address. You can create these accounts or be granted access as a team member. To establish a new account, go to the upper-left corner, click on your current Stripe account name, and select the option for a New account.

What are the pros and cons of opening a Stripe account?

Pros: Stripe has a user-friendly interface and a simple setup process, making it easy for businesses to start accepting payments quickly. It allows businesses to create a customized checkout experience that fits their brand and provides a seamless user experience for their customers.

Cons: Stripe charges transaction fees for each payment processed, which can add up for businesses that process a high volume of transactions.

How long does it take to activate a Stripe account?

Typically, the account approval process is quick, and most users will be able to start receiving payments promptly. If additional information is required for a business or if there will be a longer wait time for account approval, Stripe authority will contact you promptly.

Can I use an ITIN to verify my USA business Stripe account?

Yes. You can use an ITIN to verify your Stripe account.

How much does it cost to open a Stripe account?

There is no cost to create a Stripe account, and the company does not impose any monthly or yearly charges. The pricing for Stripe's services is based solely on transactions, with straightforward pricing. For online sales, businesses are charged a fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

What are the benefits of having a Stripe account?

Stripe allows users to make payments directly on your website without being redirected to another site. The Stripe setup process is quick and seamless. There are no initial setup costs or monthly fees. For more details, check our blog page.

Can I connect a Stripe and a PayPal accounts with the same bank account?

Yes. You can connect a Stripe and a PayPal account with the same bank account.

Do I need a credit or debit card to set up a Stripe account?

No. You don’t need a credit or debit card to set up a Stripe account.

Can I link two different person’s bank accounts to one stripe account?

Yes, you can link multiple bank accounts to a single Stripe account.

How many days does it take to transfer money from a Stripe account to my bank account in the US?

Funds from Stripe will be released and function automatically unless you set it manually. Instant requests can be made any day or time based on your account activity. Once it has been released from Stripe, receiving the funds usually takes one business day.

What happens if my Stripe account goes into a negative balance for any reason?

If your Stripe account goes into a negative balance, Stripe will debit the external account on file for a connected account if its balance is negative. Stripe will make multiple attempts to debit the account up to the maximum allowed. Still, if all attempts are unsuccessful, it will temporarily stop both payouts and debits from the external account until the account information is updated.

UK Company Formation FAQs

Why should I form an LTD or Limited company in the UK?

You should form an LTD because operating your business as a Limited or LTD company can enable you to pay less personal tax than a sole trader legitimately.

As a non-resident, can I register a company in the UK?

Yes. Any non-resident or foreign company can establish their company in the UK by fulfilling some basic requirements. The company needs a shareholder and director who could be the same person but must be above 16. We’ll assist you in filing the necessary paperwork and submitting it to Company House on time. You can form your UK company with Business Globalizer.

Can I do all the processes online?

Yes, you can. We have a dynamic dashboard to process all the documents online.

What are the basic requirements for a non-resident to register with a UK company?

There are a few basic requirements for a non-resident to register with a UK company:

      A bank statement (Minimum 1 Month)
      Service Address and a registered UK office address.

We can do this for you if you think those are a hassle, as those are included in our packages. In this case, you only have to provide us with your passport and bank statement documents.

How much will it cost to form a company in the UK?

We have three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium for that. Kindly check the above. You can choose any of those packages according to your requirements.

How long will it take to form an LTD/Limited or UK company?

After getting all the required documents from the client, it will take 2-4 working days to form a UK company.

What are common mistakes to avoid setting up an LTD/Limited or UK company?

If your documents are correctly updated, there’s still the possibility of a few mistakes. These could be: Setting up the wrong type of company, Choosing a company name that is already in use or if there is any Inconsistency and spelling mistake in the name, Using special characters in the name, or Providing initials instead of full names.

To know more, visit our blog.

Can a UK company have an overseas registered office?

Regardless of the company owner’s residence, you must have a UK-registered office address to incorporate your company in the UK. Therefore, you cannot have an overseas registered office.

Why must I pay an extra 45 GBP for a Wise account?

Opening a Wise account is free. But 45 GBP is needed as an account activation fee for a business Wise account. The client has to bear this cost additionally.

What is the process of paying while opening a Wise account?

You can make this transaction directly within your wise account through Card or bank transfer. If you’re paying through a bank transfer or card, the account or cardholder’s name must match the account you’re paying for. We may help you deposit the account opening fee through our system if you cannot. In that case, you have to pay us the account opening fee. You may also pay the 'Wise account opening fee' from the order page.

What to choose? LLP or LTD?

An LLP’s structural function is way too complex. It needs a guarantor. And if anything happens with the company, that could affect the guarantor personally. On the other hand,

Do I need to pay an additional cost for the company's house?

No, it’s included in our packages.

How many companies can I set up in the UK?

You can set up multiple companies in the UK with your valid and updated documents.

Can a company be registered in two countries?

Yes, a company can be registered in multiple countries.

Can I Open a Multi-Member LTD?

Yes, you can open a Multi-Member LTD. A multi-member LTD is a limited company with more than one member and does not require a separate legal personality from its members. The members' liability is limited to the amount of capital they have contributed or agreed to contribute to the company.

Do I need to reside in the UK to be a director?


Do I need to get a UK phone number?

Yes, you must get a UK phone number to enable some of our features, such as a Business PayPal account, and Stripe. We don’t offer it, but we can recommend a provider. You have to purchase it yourself or we can do this for you.

I want UK PayPal. Can you tell me the process?

First, you must form a company in the UK to open a UK PayPal account. Here in the package, we will do all the tasks for you. Besides, you will get UK Stripe and Wise accounts as well.

How much would it cost annually to manage a UK COMPANY address?

Managing a UK company address could cost you around $100. The service includes:

      Company service address renewal
      Director address renewal
      Registered address renewal

Apart from this, you must bear annual renewal costs in some other sectors e:g:

      UK virtual number renewal
      Submission of CoS or Confirmation of Statement
      Making company audit reports or
      Accounts return and submission

Failure to maintain all of these required compliances with the Companies House may result in your company’s desolvation.

Can I receive any documents at my UK company’s Register address?

There are mainly two types of UK address services. They are:

      Registered office address service
      Business address service

Details: If you use a Business address service, then you can receive the documents which would come in with your company’s name from anywhere in the world. When you receive the documents, a scanned copy will be sent to you that instance, and you may request to forward the documents to your Bangladeshi address (additional charges applied). The annual cost for a Business address would be more or less than $100.

When do I need to submit the Annual return?

After one year of the company formation, you must submit the annual return.

What will the annual filings cost?

You must renew Registered office addresses annually and file CoS or Confirmation of Statement. A Govt. fee also has to be paid every year. All of this will cost you $144 if you’re taking service from us.

What is the tax percentage of a UK company’s annual profit?

You must pay 19% of your UK company’s annual profit for the corporate tax to the HMRC.

Suppose, in one year, your company transacted ₤10,000. After deducting all costs (company’s staff salary, office rent, inventory costs, cost of company’s legal maintenance, etc.) company profited ₤500. Then you have to pay 19% of ₤500, which is ₤95 as tax. But if your UK company’s profit is 0, you don’t have to pay any taxes. But still, you have to file the return.

What will happen if I don’t renew annually?

If you don’t renew your UK company annually and submit a Tax return, your director and company profiles will be flagged. And your penalty will increase till you submit your tax return. After a specific time span, your company will dissolve administratively, and all of your financial accounts will be frozen.

What is my taxation procedure?

Your tax amount will be determined based on your profit. If you have a profit, then the tax amount will be 19% of your profit. You don't have to pay taxes if your profit is zero. But you still have to file a tax return. You can check our UK tax filing service.

What will happen if I don’t submit my UK limited company’s Annual filing and Tax return?

If you don’t submit your UK limited company’s Annual filing and Tax return, your director and company profiles will be flagged. And because your director and company profiles are flagged, you could get in trouble with the European Union. The troubles you could get into are-

      All accounts and payment gateways (PayPal, Wise, Stripe) in the company’s name will be closed.
      The UK Tax Department will try to deduct the penalty money from the stock balance in the company’s bank account and payment gateways.
      In the future, any personal EURO account could be closed, or the account reopening applications could get rejected.
      Visa processing in any country in the European Union will become complicated.

UK Tax Filing FAQ

Do non-residents have to file a tax return in the UK?

Yes. Resident or non-resident, if you receive UK-sourced earnings, you must file a tax return. Business Globalizer will consult you in more detail if you find any complexities.

What does a non-resident need to file a tax return?

To file a UK Tax Return, you will need a UTR number.

Will I be taxed twice?

If there is a “Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement” between the UK and the country where you live, as long as you apply for full or partial tax, you may not have to pay again.

Can a non-resident file a UK tax return online?

The Business Globalizer website is here for non-residents to file taxes in the UK online. We provide UK tax return services with our expert consultant without any hassle.

Why is the income tax so high in the UK?

The UK's income tax level is determined by the government and is based on various factors such as the country's spending needs, economic conditions, and political priorities. The government uses income tax to generate revenue to fund public services, such as the National Health Service (NHS), education, and infrastructure projects. Currently, the income tax rate in the UK is relatively high compared to other countries, with the top rate being 45% for those earning over £150,000 per year. Ultimately, the income tax level is a political decision influenced by various factors, including economic conditions and voters' views.

What are the required documents to file an income tax return?

The required documents to file an income tax return:

      Company documents,
      Web authentication code,
      UTR or Unique Transaction Reference number
      Stripe/ PayPal/ Bank statement,
      Total debit credit (business buying selling accounting)

If you need help understanding, feel free to contact us.

How much time does it take to file UK taxes?

It takes 20-25 working days to file UK taxes.

If I'm a zero-earner, do I need to file a UK tax return?

Yes. If you are a business owner, you have to file a tax return. You must file a tax return even if your business’s earnings are zero. Here, in Business Globalizer, we are offering a special discount for zero earners.

What is the penalty for paying taxes late in the UK?

You will face a penalty if you fail to submit or pay for a tax return by the deadline. The late filing penalty is £100 if your tax return is submitted within three months of the deadline. If submitted later, or the payment for the tax bill is late, interest will be applied. And the amount will increase gradually.

What happens to people who refuse to pay taxes in the UK?

If you owe income tax and have not paid it or made arrangements with HMRC, they may take additional enforcement measures. Prosecution or imprisonment for tax evasion is uncommon, but C hHMRas the authority to:

      Seize and sell your assets, such as vehicles, through a process known as "distraint,"
      Seize funds from your bank account if your debt exceeds £1,000 and initiate legal proceedings,
      Initiate bankruptcy proceedings or close your business.


For non-residents in the UK, tax evasion is treated as a criminal offense and can result in fines, imprisonment, or both. The severity of the punishment depends on the circumstances of the case and can range from a monetary penalty to a long-term prison sentence. In severe cases, non-residents may also face extradition to the UK to face charges. It's advisable to seek professional legal advice to understand the full extent of the consequences.

As a non-resident, how much can my company earn to pay income tax in the UK?

As a non-resident company in the UK, you would only be subject to UK corporation tax on income generated from a trade or business in the UK. There is no minimum threshold for corporation tax, so even if the company only earns a small profit, it may still be liable for corporation tax. The corporation tax rate in the UK for the financial year 2021-2022 is 19%. It's important to note that the tax rules and rates can change, so it's always best to check the latest information from the UK government or a tax professional.

What is the difference between a tax return and a tax refund?

A tax return is a document you file with a tax authority (IRS for the US, HMRC for the UK) to report your income and calculate the amount of tax you owe or are owed.

A tax refund, on the other hand, is the amount of money the tax authority returns to you if you have paid more taxes than you owe. This is usually issued as a check or direct deposit into your bank account. In other words, it's the difference between the tax you owe and the tax you have already paid. To know more, check our blog page.

Wise FAQ

What kind of account is a Wise account?

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a digital bank account that enables you to transfer funds, receive payments, and make purchases globally. Utilizing a Wise account, you can transfer funds internationally, receive payments in different currencies, and spend abroad using the Wise card.

How much money can I have in my Wise account?

The amount of money you can hold in your Wise account depends on the currency and the country in which you reside. There may be limits set by local laws and regulations or by Wise itself, so it's best to check the Wise website or contact their support team for more information.

How do I create a wise account?

You just need to sign up with Wise along with the required information to get started for a personal account. But to acquire a business Wise, you must have a registered business in a Wise business-supported country.

In Business Globalizer, we offer three excellent packages for all those.

What are the requirements to create a wise account?

For the US Business Wise account, your requirements are:

      Company formation
      Phone number
      One-time opening fee

For the UK Business Wise account, you’ll need the following:

      Company formation
      Phone number
      One-time opening fee

How much time does it take to create a Wise account?

To access your Wise account, provide photo identification and/or a snapshot of yourself holding the ID. This process typically takes 1-7 business days to complete.

Can I delete my Wise account and create a new one with the same documents?

No. You can’t. You can make another account with a completely different set of verified documents.

How can I transfer USD from my Payoneer to my Wise account?

It is possible to transfer funds from Payoneer to Wise. However, this is not recommended. An alternative option would be to pay your supplier through a traditional bank transfer. Payoneer’s bank transfer system is designed to work with physical banks, not virtual ones, which may result in difficulties.

From my Wise account, I sent money to the wrong one. What can I do now?

If you have access to the cancel button on your transfer, you have the option to cancel it. The funds will then be returned to your bank account, and you can initiate a new transfer to the intended recipient. If you cannot find the cancel button, contact the recipient. If the transfer has already been completed, the cancel option is no longer available.

How many days does it take to receive money from a US bank to a wise account?

Typically, receiving funds from a wire transfer takes one business day, and one to three business days for money sent via ACH (Automated Clearing House). Receiving money from outside the US usually requires 4 to 5 working days, although it may take longer due to time zone differences or the involvement of multiple intermediary banks.

How many currencies can I receive with Wise?

Wise is a multi-currency online money transfer service that allows you to send and receive money in over 50 currencies. This means you can receive money in over 50 different currencies using Wise, including significant currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc. The list of currencies supported by Wise changes occasionally, so it's always a good idea to check their website for the most up-to-date information.

How do I know if my Wise account is verified?

You’ll get a confirmation mail. Or you will have your account details in your dashboard.

Can I connect a Wise personal account to Stripe?

Yes. You can connect.

What wise account should I set up for freelancing payments?

You should go for a Wise business account. The Wise Business account offers a cost-efficient solution for making business payments and receiving payments from foreign countries in various currencies. You will get physical and virtual card-issuing features in your Business Wise account. However, there’s an activation and conversion fee. And you must form a company to get a Wise business account. Business Globalizer can help you to form a company. Please, feel free to contact us.

You can select a Wise business or a Personal account as a freelancer. Both alternatives provide the convenience of receiving payments from clients in multiple currencies via your Wise local account information.

However, a Wise business account might prove beneficial if you also want to take advantage of additional features such as Xero and QuickBooks integrations. It will even give you Multi-user access controls, more currency options, the opening of an API (Application Programming Interface), etc. To know more, check our blog page about Wise accounts.

However, the Wise business account has an activation and conversion fee. And you must form a company to get a Wise business account. Business Globalizer can help you form a company and get a Wise business account. Feel free to contact our expert consultants.

Virtual Address FAQ

What is a virtual address service?

A virtual address is a physical street address that is situated in a distant location and enables you to receive postal mail and packages. Your virtual address can act as a registered address for your business. Having a virtual address gives you control over a personalized mailing address. However, virtual addresses offer more features and versatility beyond a virtual mailbox. With virtual mailboxes, you can access and manage any mail sent to your virtual address from any device and location.

What are the tax implications of having a US virtual address?

The tax implications of having a US virtual address will depend on your circumstances and the reason for obtaining the virtual address. It's always a good idea to consult a tax professional to ensure you comply with all applicable tax laws. Business Globalizer can help you with that.

What is the difference between a virtual address and a physical address?

A virtual address is a physical street address that is situated in a distant location and enables you to receive postal mail and packages. Your virtual address can act as a registered address for your business. A third-party service provider typically provides a virtual address. Virtual addresses are often used by businesses that do not have a physical office or storefront but still need a professional address for receiving mail and packages. Virtual addresses can also be used by businesses that want to maintain privacy and not disclose their physical location.

On the other hand, a physical address is the actual physical location of a business. This is the address where the business is physically located and where customers can interact with the business in person. Physical addresses are essential for customers who need to find the business's location for in-person transactions or meetings.

How do I get a virtual address?

To get a virtual address, you should follow the steps given below:

      Find a virtual mailbox provider that offers virtual addresses.
      Sign up for a virtual mailbox account and select a virtual address as your primary address. You may be required to provide identification and proof of address documents.
      Once you have signed up and selected your virtual address, you can use it for mail and package deliveries. Your virtual mailbox provider will receive your mail and notify you when you have new mail or packages.
      You can then decide what to do with your mail, such as having it forwarded to your physical address or scanned and uploaded to your virtual mailbox for online access.

To know more, please contact Business Globalizer and feel free to ask all your questions.

Why does a registered company need virtual addresses?

A virtual mail address is a popular solution for individuals who work remotely or for companies that do not have a physical office space. Despite the location of your employees, it is crucial to have an address to register your business, receive mail, and list marketing materials and emails. You can accomplish these tasks and access other beneficial business applications with a virtual address. Moreover, virtual mailboxes allow you to collect postal mail conveniently without visiting a post office.

If a company is incorporated in Delaware but has a bank account in N.Y. with a virtual address, in which state should this company report taxes?

The answer to your question depends on various factors, including the nature of the business, the amount of revenue earned, and the tax laws of both Delaware and New York.

Delaware is the state of incorporation, so the company is subject to Delaware's corporate income tax. Generally, a business must pay taxes in any state with a physical presence, such as an office, employees, or property. The fact that the bank account has a virtual address in New York could be seen as establishing a physical presence in that state.

Please remember that tax laws can be complex, and a business's specific tax obligations can depend on various factors. And there’s also the factor of residency and immigration. To determine whether the company needs to pay taxes in New York, it would be necessary to consult with a tax professional or accountant familiar with the tax laws in Delaware and New York.

How do I get a U.S. virtual address for opening a bank account as a non-US resident?

To get a US virtual address, you must contact a registered agent. Business Globalizer is a registered agency. We can help you to get a US virtual address without any hassle from your side.

What steps are required to get a US virtual address?

You don’t have to follow any steps. The registered agency/agent will handle the entire procedure and help you to get your US virtual address.

USA Tax filing FAQ

How does the tax system work in the USA?

Taxation in the United States is a progressive system. A progressive tax system means that the percentage of income an individual or household pays in taxes increases with increasing revenue. That means people with higher incomes pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes.

What are the requirements for a multi-member LLC Tax filing?

A multi-member LLC acts as a partnership while filing with the IRS. The requirements to file a multi-member LLC are mentioned below:

      Getting an EIN from the IRS,
      Filing a federal tax return on Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income,
      Distributing Schedule K-1 to each member, which shows their share of the company's profits, losses, deductions, and credits,
      Filing individual tax returns (Form 1040) for each member, reporting their share of the company's income, deductions, and credits,
      File your annual state return or franchise tax,
      Paying required taxes throughout the year and avoiding underpayment penalties.

Each state may have specific requirements for LLC tax filings, so consult an experienced Tax expert or check with your state's tax agency for more information. If all these sound challenging, don’t worry. We have IRS-approved Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA).

How do I file my taxes in the USA?

You will need a few things to file taxes in the USA (for Non-resident Aliens). They are-

      Business name,
      Business address,
      Date of formation
      All financial statements,
      Profit & Loss or P&L Statements.

Gather all the paperwork, prepare a file with all those documents, and file it to IRS. Before filing, please consult with a Tax attorney. You can contact Business Globalizer also. We have professional tax attornies.

Do I need to file my tax return for a zero-earning business?

Yes. If you are a business owner, you have to file a tax return. You must file a tax return even if your business’s earnings are zero. Here, in Business Globalizer, we are offering a special discount for zero earners.

What is the due date for filing tax returns in the USA?

For partnership business, the deadline is the 15th of march. For LLC/Incorporation, the deadline is the 15th of April.

How to reduce your tax liability?

There are a few tricks by which you can reduce your tax liability. They are-

      By increasing your retirement contributions
      By making a profit from investment losses
      By using deductions

Non-citizens outside the US can claim certain itemized deductions if their US income relates to their business activities. Such deductions include the following-

      State and local income taxes,
      Charitable contributions to U.S. non-profit organizations,
      Losses from casualties and theft in a disaster declared by the federal government, and
      Other itemized deductions.

For more details, please check Business’s Globalizer’s blog, or you can book an appointment with our tax consultant.

How do federal corporation taxes work?

When a corporation earns a profit, it is taxed on that profit, and then again when the profit is distributed to shareholders as dividends, leading to double taxation. The corporation does not receive a tax deduction for distributing tips, and shareholders cannot deduct any losses incurred by the corporation. And that's how federal corporation taxes work.

How is a foreign LLC taxed in the US?

For LLCs, tax should be determined based on different tax treaties. Taxation should be paid 21-37% of the net profit for the partnership. It may vary depending on the owners’ residence.

The IRS will detain the tax amount between 10-15 working days.

What is business Tax filing?

A Business Tax Filing is an income tax return for a corporation. It is a statement that shows the income and expenditure of a business. The government gives this statement to the business along with the tax that the company has to pay on the profits. The report has details of the assets and liabilities the business has, including fixed assets, debtors and creditors, and loans given and taken. All companies must disclose their earnings for the year to the government and file an annual tax return every year. Failing to do so will lead to legal action.

What is the difference between a business tax return and a personal tax return?

Business taxes are direct taxes levied by the government on a business’s income and profits. This requires all companies to keep a detailed list of their expenses and a statement about how the business operates. The forms are to be filled out depending on the business type. Personal taxes are meant to be paid by individuals. It is the tax payable on their salary and wages. Form 1040 is the standard tax form that is used for personal taxes. Businesses have various forms to fill out. They must fill up unique income tax returns each time, depending on the industry the company operates in.

How much does a business have to make to pay taxes?

Whether or not a business has to pay taxes depends on how much income it makes per year. The SBA(Small Business Administration) states that the average federal tax to be paid by a small business is 19.8%. The average for a small company is 26.9%; For a small partnership is 23.6%, and for a sole proprietor is 13.3%. Other elements that affect how much taxes are to be paid are the state of the small business and how a company has been set up.

How to book an appointment?

We, Business Globalizer, are offering our customers an easy and convenient tax filing service. You can contact us on our website under contact or send us a message via Facebook, Whatsapp, or email. We can then schedule a skype call with you. We start by discussing the requirements for filing US tax returns, and then after we get all the information, we proceed to take care of everything.

Which is a better state for tax advantage?

There are few states which hold remarkable tax advantages. But we recommend Wyoming.

Can I open a tax-free LLC in the US?

Yes. You can. But you have to be a tax-exempt organization. To be a tax-exempt organization, you have to fulfill some requirements. Please contact a tax attorney. In that case, you can take help from Business Globalizer to open your LLC.

How long does it take to receive a federal tax return?

It takes 10-15 days to receive a federal tax return.

How can I avoid double taxation between the USA and any other country?

You can avoid double taxation between the USA and any other country by DTAA or Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement before forming a company; you may consult a consultant.

As a non-resident alien and LLC owner, what are my tax duties?

As a non-resident alien and LLC owner, your tax duties are:

      Filing a U.S. tax return: You must file a tax return annually, reporting all U.S.-source income earned by the LLC.
      Paying income tax: You will be subject to U.S. federal income tax on your share of the LLC's income that is effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business.
      Paying self-employment tax: If you are considered engaged in a U.S. trade or business, you may also be subject to self-employment tax.

Where do I file taxes if I have two addresses in the two states? (US Residence)

If you reside in one state but work in a neighboring state, you might be required to file state tax returns in both states. However, if there is a reciprocity agreement between your state and the neighboring state, you usually only need to pay state taxes to your state of residency.

What is a “Reciprocity agreement”?

Reciprocity agreement means residents of two states only pay taxes where they reside rather than where they are employed.

What is happening with delays in tax filing in the USA?

Tax filing delays can cause penalties of up to $25k.

What are some of the biggest challenges in complying with tax law?

There are several biggest challenges in complying with tax law, some of which are given below:

      Keeping up with constant changes in tax laws and regulations,
      Understanding complex tax regulations and rules,
      Correctly classifying workers as employees or independent contractors,
      Accurately tracking and reporting taxable income and expenses,
      Properly valuing and reporting taxable assets and transactions,
      Navigating cross-border tax laws and regulations,
      Managing the cost of tax compliance and professional fees.
      Avoiding potential audits and penalties for non-compliance,

These challenges could be challenging to comply with. But we, Business Globalizer, are here to make everything easy for you.

Which is tax efficient a partnership LLC or an S Corp? (US Resident)

Here, tax efficiency depends on the specific circumstances and laws applicable to the partnership LLC and S Corp. Both a multi-member partnership LLC and an S Corp can offer tax benefits. Still, the choice between the two may be based on various factors such as the type of business, liability protection, management structure, and income distribution.

A multi-member partnership LLC can offer flexibility in allocating income and expenses, but it may be subject to self-employment taxes. An S Corp can avoid self-employment taxes, but it restricts the ownership and management structure, and the allocation of income and expenses must be proportional to ownership.

It is best to consult a tax professional to determine which business structure is more tax efficient in your specific case. We can help you with that.

Which is better for tax advantages, LLC vs. S corp?

LLC is better for tax advantages.

Can I obtain an ITIN before filing a US tax return?

Yes. You can obtain an ITIN before filing a US tax return.

Do I file my LLC and personal taxes together?


What taxes does a non-US resident need to pay for an LLC in the US?

Federal tax, annual tax return, state tax. It can vary from state to state. To get a more clear picture, you can consult with our experts.

When does one have to file taxes in multiple states?

One must file taxes in multiple states if they have income from sources in different states. This situation usually occurs when a person works in one state but lives in another or if they own rental property in another state. In such cases, the person is required to file a tax return in both the state of residency and the state where they earned the income. Some states have reciprocal agreements with each other, under which people only need to file a tax return in their state of residency and not in the state where they earned the income.

What is your service charge for USA Tax filing?

The service charge details for USA tax filing are on the “US tax filing return” page. Click here to check.

What is the annual state tax?

Annual tax refers to taxes imposed and collected yearly in the United States. This includes federal income tax, which individuals and corporations pay, and property tax, which property owners pay. Annual taxes fund various government programs and services, including national defense, infrastructure, and education.

Do I need to pay federal and annual state taxes for dropshipping business?

Yes. You must pay federal and annual state taxes for a dropshipping business. However, the annual tax varies from state to state.

Is there any tax filing difference from state to state?

Yes. Tax filing differs from state to state.

What are the required documents for US Tax filing?

The required documents for US tax filing include the following:

      Company documents
      Business name
      Business address
      Date of formation
      P&L or Profit & Loss Statements

If the business volume is less than 250k, then statements are unnecessary. If it is 250k or more, a statement is a must.

USA Formation FAQ

As a non-resident, can I register a company in the USA?

Yes, you can. Any non-resident citizen or foreign company can establish their business in the USA. However, you must comply with some of the required legal compliances to form your company. Please check the link for required documents;

Can I complete the entire company formation procedures online?

Yes, you can. We have a dynamic dashboard to complete your entire company formation procedure online .

What kind of documents do I need to form a company?

We need only two forms of documents to register your USA company (KYC purpose only).

      A Valid international Passport
      Recent bank Statement (one page only).

How much time does it take to form a company?

Once we receive your basic information , it will take 3-5 working days to complete the formation. However, the formation process/time will vary from state to state.

How much does it cost to form?

We have some excellent packages designed for you. Please click the link and select your preferred package.

What is the overall process required to form a company?

The process of starting a company in the United States requires several factors to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is best to hire services as they have experience and proficiency in getting the job done efficiently. Nevertheless, the process of forming a company in the US is as follows:

      Select a State c Name your company
      Hire a registered agent service
      Provide names and addresses of the people involved
      Get a Federal Employer Identification Number
      Get a physical US mailing address
      Open a US bank account
      Prepare for US tax filing

In which state should I form my company?

It varies based on your purpose & requirement. Please talk to a business consultant before deciding. Check our blog to learn more.

Can I form a company in another state where I don’t live?

Yes, it’s very much possible. You can form a company in any state from anywhere around the world.

Which is best for my business, LLC, S-corp, C-corp, or Partnership?

It varies based on your purpose & requirement. Please talk to a business consultant before deciding. Check our blog to learn more.

What are the benefits of forming an LLC?

The benefits of forming an LLC are given below:

      members, are not personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities.
      Flexibility in management: LLCs can be managed by their members or appointed managers, offering more flexibility than corporations.
      Pass-through taxation: LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities, meaning that the company's income is passed through to its members and taxed at the individual level rather than subject to corporate income tax.
      Easier to set up and maintain: LLCs are generally easier to set up and require fewer ongoing formalities than corporations.
      Protect personal assets: LLC protects personal assets like home, car, and bank account from business liabilities.

Do LLCs count as corporations?

A Limited Liability Company or LLC is an entity created by state statute. Depending on elections made by the LLC and the number of members, the IRS will treat an LLC either as a corporation, partnership, or as part of the owner’s tax return (a disregarded entity).

What is the taxation procedure for my Company? How Can I comply with taxation?

First, you must gather all the necessary documents (Company documents, Business name, Business address, EIN, Date of formation, or Profit & Loss Statements). Process the documents by an experienced accountant/agent, or we could do it for you. Then you’ll get to know your tax amount and all the filing details, deadlines, etc. Then act according to it. For better understanding, you must consult with a Business consultant. We can happily provide you with the service.

Does an LLC offer tax advantages?

An LLC or Limited Liability Company offers tax advantages. One of the main benefits is that an LLC is considered a "pass-through entity" for tax purposes, meaning that the company's profits and losses are passed through to the individual members and reported on their personal income tax returns rather than being subject to corporate income tax. This can result in a lower overall tax liability for the members. Also, LLCs can be taxed as an S corporation, providing additional tax benefits. However, it's important to note that the specific tax advantages of an LLC will depend on the company's particular circumstances and the laws in the state where it is organized. It's also essential to consult with a tax professional or a lawyer before making any decisions about the tax status of an LLC.

What is the renewal cost of an LLC?

LLC recurring/renewal charge: 179 + state fee. Annual State fee (Wyoming) for one year: $60.00 Total: $239.00 And for Delaware, The state fee is $300.

To know more, check our package page.

What is included in the renewal of an LLC?

      Registered Agent for 1 year
      Annual State Return Filing
      Business Address for 1 Year
      Mail Forwarding for 1 year
      Check our package page.

Can one LLC own another LLC?

Yes, one LLC can own another LLC. An LLC or Limited Liability Company can own numerous other LLCs in a holding company or a series LLC structure. The owner LLC is the master entity, and the LLCs it owns are called LLC cells.

Can I add a member to an LLC?

Yes, you can. Adding a member to a limited liability company or LLC is simple. There are only a few legal procedures and tax forms, fees are minimal, and you don’t necessarily need a lawyer or an accountant to get things done. However, it may be a good idea to consult a professional to ensure the process is done correctly. Business Globalizer can provide you with expert business consultation.

Can my business have a different name than the LLC?

Yes, your business can have a different name than the LLC. Which is known as a "doing business as (DBA)" or "trade name." Register your trade name with the appropriate state agency, usually the Secretary of State or the Department of Commerce. Keep in mind that you will still need to include the legal name of the LLC in any official documents, contracts, and legal filings.

Am I required to keep LLC in an LLC name?
Is it essential to have LLC in my company name?

Yes. An LLC or Limited Liability Company must include "LLC" or "L.L.C" in its official name. This often indicates that the company is a separate legal entity from its owners and protects them from personal liability for its debts or liabilities. However, please note that this may vary by state, and you should consult with your state's business registration agency for specific requirements.

Does my business address need to be registered in the same state where my LLC is?

The address of your LLC should be located in the same state where it was formed, and the registered agent's address should also be within the state where the business is conducted.

What will be my next step after forming a company?

After forming a company, you can start setting up your Bank accounts, Payment Gateways, etc. Our team can help you to move ahead/going forward.

What is an LLC?

An LLC is a business structure that offers limited liability to its owners. Limited liability means that the debts and actions of the business can't be used against the owner personally. Usually, if the company is sued or owes money, the owner is responsible for these debts. LLCs also limit the owner's liability to business debts, not personal obligations. It is widely used for private companies.

What is an EIN? Do I need an EIN for my business?

EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. It is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify a business entity. Yes, you need an EIN. Businesses, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, must have an EIN to hire employees, pay taxes, create a pension plan, and conduct other financial transactions.

Do I need to pay taxes in the USA if I form a company as a non-resident?

      There are multiple key points to deciding whether you must pay taxes or not.
      Some key points are given below:
      Type of business
      Forming states, Some states have no income tax, while others have relatively low tax rates.
      You should consult with a tax professional to determine your tax obligations as a non-resident doing business in the USA.

Can a non-resident be a member or shareholder of a company in the USA?

Yes, a non-resident can be a member or shareholder of a company in the USA. However, as a non-resident, you may be subject to certain tax obligations, such as the requirement to file a US tax return if you receive certain income from your business. You should consult with a tax professional to determine your tax obligations as a non-resident member or shareholder of a company in the USA.

Do I need a physical address in the USA to form a company as a non-resident?

Yes, you will need to have a physical address in the state where you are forming your company, but you don’t need to be present physically. You can use a commercial mail forwarding service or a virtual office service to obtain a physical address in the USA. This address will be used for legal and tax purposes and listed on public records.

Is it necessary to have a US citizen as a member or shareholder of my company if I am a non-resident?

No. It’s not important to have a US citizen as a member or shareholder. However, you may need to appoint a registered agent in the state to form your company, and this person or entity must be a US citizen or a resident of the state.

Can I use the Registered Agent's address as my company’s address?-Reversal

No, the registered agent's address cannot be used as the legal or mailing address of the company. The registered agent's address is only for receiving official documents, and the company's legal address must be a valid physical address. Some services like mail forwarding can be provided to have a US business address where your mail is sent and accessible to you.

What are the state fees?-Structure

0; the Annual return state fee is $60 Florida state fee is $125; the Annual return state fee is $138.75Wyoming state fee is $100 Delaware state fee is $90; the annual return state fee is $300 Texas state fee is $300, with no annual return fee (must file a return) Washington state fee $200, annual return state fee 60 Washington dc state fee $99, Biennial $300 (e.2.y) The New Mexico state fee is $50, with no annual return NY state fee is $200, Biennial state fee is $9 The New Jersey fee is $130; the annual return state fee is $75

Do I need a US bank account to form a company in the USA as a non-resident?

No, It is not mandatory to have a US bank account to form a company in the USA as a non-resident. However, having a US bank account may make it easier to manage your business finances, allowing you to receive payments and make payments in the USA.

Can a non-resident open a US bank account as a company owner?

Yes. A non-resident can open a US bank account as a company owner.

Can I form a company in the USA as a non-resident and then apply for a visa to work in the USA?

Yes, it is possible to form a company in the USA as a non-resident and then apply for a visa to work in the USA. Though these two things are irrelevant, it might help to get a visa if you’re paying taxes to the US Govt. Business Globalizer don’t consult for Visa processing; contact a Visa Consultancy for that.

Do I need a US address to incorporate a business in the US?

You do not need a US address to incorporate a business in the US, but a US mailing address will be required to open a bank account or obtain an EIN (Tax ID). Some incorporation service providers offer mail forwarding services with their packages, allowing you to use a US mailing address for those requirements.

Do I need a business license if I don’t have a physical office in the US?

A business license may not be required if you do not have a physical office in the US, as some licenses are based on the location of the office or business. However, it is important to check if business-specific licenses are required based on the activity the LLC or corporation is engaged in, as these may still apply.

Do I need a visa to form a company in the USA as a non-resident?

No, You don’t need a visa to form a company in the USA as a non-resident.